The Herbal Healing Circle is a monthly meeting of souls who wish to learn and share about plant medicine in its myriad of forms. Each class will begin with a different topic and will end with questions and group discussion. There will be handouts, herbal sampling, and occasional homework. The class is located in West Roxbury, MA, unless a medicinal herb walk has been scheduled...then we'll venture out to nearby fields and hold the class outdoors. To get directions and a schedule of upcoming classes, please send me an email and I'll add you onto the mailing list. You can also check this webpage for regular updates and articles.

Please bring a journal, an open mind, and experiences to share. Classes are $15-$20 sliding scale. Topics of discussion include:

*The importance of plant medicine
*In-depth focus on individual herbs and ailments
*Body systems (nervous system, digestive system...)
*Herbal traditions around the world (Ayurveda, Chinese, Native American...)
*The doctrine of signatures
*The politics of pharmaceuticals vs. natural medicine
*Support and guidance for those who wish to treat themselves or others naturally
*Face and tongue analysis
*Flower Essences
*The roots of illness
*Why we owe it to ourselves and the planet to heal with plant medicine
*Trouble shooting: how do I know which herbs are right for me?

If you plan on attending, please RSVP so that we may have enough seats and handouts ready. Green Blessings! ~Melanie Rose


Chakra Balancing Workshop

Sunday, Dec. 12th
West Roxbury location

This month we're stepping beyond the usual scope of herbal medicine to learn about the chakras.

Chakras are energy centers that relate to different organ systems and different aspects of our being.
This class is for those who are new to working with the chakras and also for those with more experience. The first half of the class will be theoretical, and the second half will be experiential. I will guide you to a state of being able to perceive the different chakras, and then teach you ways to bring them back into balance. Sometimes we need to work energetically to achieve optimal health, and this class will provide you with tools to be able to do chakra work on yourself at any time. We'll also discuss herbs and flower essences that correspond with each chakra. (ok, so I had to slip some herbs in somewhere). ;-)
As usual, please bring a notebook and an open, seeking spirit.
$15-$20 sliding scale From 2-4:30ish
I'm really looking forward to teaching this class!!!! Blessings, Melanie